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"You'll never regret getting connected and partnering with Alicia. She understands the marketplace and gives excellent advice to meet any marketing challenge you have. Alicia is always focused on solving a problem, and prepared to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution and work with you inside the scope of your timeline and budget. Alicia has an impressive portfolio and treats even her small customers as if they are her largest account." ~ Monica Cornetti, Ranked #1 Global Gamification Guru, CEO of Sententia Gamification Consortium

Get the clarity and direction you need to achieve your goals!

Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to guide you through a road block. Many times you find what you have been doing isn't working and a new strategy is needed. And other times you may find yourself in a new territory and feel completely out of your comfort zone!

When you are unsure about the next step and need focus and direction now, that's when it's time to get help. As someone who has been in several phases of business, brandingand speaking and have helped many others over the years, I can bring insight to your challenges, help you define the next step and give you peace of mind in a world that's new to you.

Whether it's a one hour consultation call or an intensive VIP Session, you will get strategies and answers to questions you have about branding, speaking, marketing and business. You'll walk away with action steps that move you towards success.

I've had people come to me 6 months to a year later, still stuck and wishing they had met with me sooner than later. Let's start now and get you the clarity needed so you can start making a difference and sharing your value to more people!

Let's Get Started! Choose the option to the right that works best for you!


Have questions? Give us a call! 214-556-4947.

Branding OVerview ............ $140 (45 mins)

A virtual tour of your branding helps us find out why prospects and clients may be confused on who you serve and what you do. From this video call, we walk through your marketing materials and find the inconsistencies in your visual branding and message. You receive the information you need to make changes to ensure your branding is on target!

One on One Strategy Sessions ............ 60 MIN $250 / 90 MIn $350

During this hour, you get immediate clarity on what to do when it comes to marketing, branding, speaking and/or business. You walk away with focus on the next steps and a strategy to implement the ideas we discuss. Many clients feel a sense of relief after this call, and others get really excited to know they are finally moving towards their goals.

VIP Half Day ............ $750 (3 hours)

The VIP session is the quickest way to get clear on your what's next and define a plan of action so you can begin serving others! Here are just a few topics that clients have trusted Alicia with for advice and direction:
  • Product Assessment and Ideation
  • Branding Implementation
  • Back of the Room Presence
  • Program Development
  • Website Critique
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Clarity on Your Unique Value
  • Business Basics
  • Presentation Delivery Evaluation

GOTTA GET IT! Alicia's "7 Tools Speakers Need to Get more Business" digital download showcases 7 tools you need to make an impact when you speak, establish yourself as an expert, and get leads every time you speak. Sign up for it below:


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You'll also receive bi-weekly Speaking Tips to help you effectively deliver your value. Trust that your information is safe us.

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