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Women Speakers Association honors Alicia White as a "Women You Need to Know"

Alicia White, Speaker, Branding Strategist, Nominated Twice for National Collaborator of the Year for the Public Speakers Association.


Whether you are a seasoned pro or starting out, we can all use a reminder or tip to succeed on stage and give more to our audience!

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Get the TOP MUST ASK questions before saying YES to speaking at an event! Always qualify your speaking engagements.

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The 90 Day
Branding Blast

The 90 Day Branding Blast is a very flexible program allowing you to choose what projects you want to work on. Over a 90 day period, you receive 40 hours of graphic design and 3 product planning calls.

Whether you’re launching a new service or program or gearing up for an event, every design we create keeps your branding consistent and your message in the forefront. It’s time to stop putting things off and get stuff done!

Give us a shout to start Your Branding Blast Off Now!


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