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Women Speakers Association honors Alicia White as a "Women You Need to Know"

Alicia White, Speaker, Branding Strategist, Nominated Twice for National Collaborator of the Year for the Public Speakers Association.

Your on stage presence is outstanding!
You knock it out of the park every time!

Speakers Highfive

Make sure your back of the room presence does, too,
and your brand and message is just as outstanding !

Public Speakers, Business Coaches, Thought Leaders, and Corporate Trainers
know that to be considered a serious speaker, it is essential to:

  • look like a seasoned pro
  • generate revenue when you speak
  • be seen as a credible expert
  • generate leads easily and cost effectively
  • have a consistent brand and message
  • give your message legs long after you leave the stage

Your Speakers Briefcase™ is specifically branded for you and your message. For every product created,
Back of the Room Productions™ will ensure you have the professional look of an established expert
on the speaking circuit. This alone gives you the credibility needed to get booked.

Our design team will make you look like a $20K speaker!

Stay tuned for our new Speaker Briefcases that gives you exactly what you need at a reasonable price with the quality you expect from Back of the Room Productions.

But there is no need to wait to look like a seasoned professional and share your message and value. We are happy to create any product or marketing tool for you, so give us a call to learn how we can give your message legs long after you leave the stage!


Click here to get started on speaking brand and back of the room presence!




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