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Women Speakers Association honors Alicia White as a "Women You Need to Know"

Alicia White, Speaker, Branding Strategist, Nominated Twice for National Collaborator of the Year for the Public Speakers Association.


Back of the Room Productions has over
17 years of expertise in the design,
printing, and marketing industries.

We know our stuff!

Speaker Graphic Designer

Back of the Room Productions was created to fill a need. We found many writers, speakers, and business coaches who were speaking but were not using the back of the room for marketing and sales. Many think a book or DVD is the only way to generate sales, but that's simply not true. Your audience wants your message so give them more of you through our products.

Alicia White, CEO of Back of the Room Productions, believes every presenter can benefit from back of the room products. Our packages help you build the presence that seasoned speakers and authors have developed and maintained. Use our products to market yourself and make money every time you speak!

Alicia White Speaker Category CreatorAbout Alicia White, CEO of Back of the Room Productions

As a category creator and the CEO of Back of the Room Productions, Alicia White has changed the way professional speakers generate revenue and leads every time they speak. Using stellar graphic design and quality printing, Alicia creates compelling products for speakers whose public image demands high quality professional brand presentation. She gives speakers strategy on how to give their message legs long after they leave the stage.

Alicia got inspiration for this much needed service after attending a two day seminar given by a high profile business coach. She learned that even multi-million dollar speakers are leaving money on the table when they speak. This nationally known speaker had no giveaway product, no agenda or handout, not even a banner or poster that branded him or his company. To top it off, the only offer he made available cost buyers $300, missing out on revenue from those who couldn't invest that amount but were willing to invest in the $20-$100 range.

Because of a lack of back of the room products and presence, Alicia walked out of the room without the speaker ever getting her information or her money. Armed with expertise in design, marketing and branding, she founded Back of the Room Productions. Alicia eagerly shares the importance of consistent branding and how to stop leaving money on the table. New and experienced speakers instantly see the benefits and abundance of opportunities for giving their audience more of their message. Her upcoming book will provide tips and ideas on public speaking branding and must have marketing tools.

Graphic design is a passion for Alicia. Serving speakers, coaches, authors, thought leaders, politicians, and business owners across the nation, she immensely enjoys turning a client's idea or message into a creative and effective marketing tool. Alicia is a business leader, author, photographer, and national speaker, speaking on back of the room products and business branding. She is a Public Speakers Association Director and Toastmaster and is a second time nominee for the Small Business Influencers Award. Alicia graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mass Communications from Texas Woman’s University and lives near Dallas, Texas.

To book Alicia for speaking, please contact us or call Alicia at 214-556-4947. Download her speaker sheet.

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