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Women Speakers Association honors Alicia White as a "Women You Need to Know"

Alicia White, Speaker, Branding Strategist, Nominated Twice for National Collaborator of the Year for the Public Speakers Association.


Be the expert and impress your audience with The SPEAKLET™!

(The Speaklet™ is our name for a customized booklet.)

Workbooks and Manuals for Coaches

The Speaklet™ is a tremendously valuable tool. Your message fills professionally designed pages giving your client more of you! Pair with your coaching program or giveaway at your events so your message lives long after you leave the stage!

Why do you need a Speaklet™? You are…

A business coach who wants to implement workbooks in their program.

A speaker who wants to supply products for their audience.

An author who distributes chapter books to obtain reviews.

A business person who wants a different marketing tool.

A thought leader who wants to share a message.

An expert who wants to gain credibility.

A trainer who needs workbooks or tutorials for workshops.

Passionate about a topic and wish to create awareness.

Making your Speaklet™ is easy. Follow our step-by-step process and get 100 5.5"x 8.5" full color, 12-20 pages, saddle-stitched booklets delivered to your door or event.

What exactly is The Speaklet™? The Speaklet™, commonly referred to as a booklet, has been used for years as marketing tool to professionally promote and advertise. Booklets have been used as annual reports, workbooks, or simply to contain information for a target audience. Booklets are approximately half the size of a magazine and between 12 and 20 pages.

Be prepared and look professional for your next event and contact us today! (Rush service available in most cases.)

Get the TOP MUST ASK questions before saying YES to speaking at an event! Always qualify your speaking engagements.

You'll also receive FREE Speaking Tips bi-weekly. It's short and sweet and your info is safe and protected.



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